Developing Public Policy Recommendations Through Member-led Councils Providing Services Through CompSAFE, HealthChoice and other Partners Helping The Business Community Organize to be More Effective Politically

Starting a New Era

Former Representative Mark Johnson became President & CEO of Oregon Business & Industry on November 1. “The tasks before us are challenging and very important for Oregon,” he told members.

Investing in Climate Solutions

The Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit and Northwest Environmental Conference shined a light on climate solutions that work and how Oregon businesses are leading the way.

It’s Time for Fiscal Action

“No problem looms as large as our fiscal crisis,” Patrick Criteser, Chair of the Oregon Business Plan Steering Committee, said at the Leadership Summit. Business will be there leading the way.

OBI Mission

OBI exists to strengthen Oregon’s economy in order to achieve a healthy, prosperous and competitive Oregon for the benefit of present and future generations.

Oregon Prosperity Project

Every day, government actions influence the quality of life for Oregonians. The Oregon Prosperity Project helps educate Oregonians about important economic issues and engage them in the political process.

Oregon Business Plan

The Oregon Business Plan 2018 Policy Playbook, unveiled in conjunction with the Oregon Leadership Summit, offers a guide to making Oregon’s economy “Future Ready.”

CompSAFE in the Workplace

Capitol Auto Group has a 90-year record of commitment to its employees, and one way it ensures a safe workplace is by partnering with CompSAFE, SAIF and OBI.