Environment & Energy

Environment  & Energy Council Co-chairs

Sunny Radcliffe, Portland General Electric
Greg Miller, Weyerhaeuser Company

  Air & Energy Committee Co-chairs
  Tom Wood, Stoel Rives, LLP
David Like, Hampton Affiliates
  Water & Cleanup Committee Co-chairs
  Jeff Hunter, Perkins Coie LLP
Penny Machinski, West Linn Paper Company

AOI Policy Manager

Mike Freese, Vice President 

Mission: Advocate for policies that both protect business interests and advance environmental outcomes.


  • Support a robust, sustainable and competitive economy;
  • Enhance environmental quality for all Oregonians;
  • Ensure reliable, competitively priced energy from a diversified portfolio;
  • Foster innovations that integrate economic and environmental progress for both existing and emerging sectors;
  • Promote flexible, effective incentives over command and control regulatory mechanisms;
  • Build a sustainable Oregon by developing and protecting resources in ways that enhance the environment, economy and communities.

AOI’s Environment & Energy Policy Council, comprised of environment and energy policy experts, meets semi-regularly to represent Oregon’s business community on important and timely environment and energy issues through policy development, engaging in the regulatory process, and fostering communication between representatives of government and business. Likewise, the two specialty committees open to interested members – Air & Energy and Water & Clean-up – meet to have in-depth discussions on relevant emerging issues that drive state policies important to businesses.

Current Priority Issues:

Greenhouse-gas reduction: AOI and Oregon businesses are committed to developing strategies for protecting the environment, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while preserving well-paying jobs that support Oregon families. AOI is proud of the steps businesses have taken to reduce emissions, which have dropped CO2 emissions below 1990 levels., AOI will continue to work with environmental advocates, legislators and agencies to avoid polices that will unnecessarily lead to complex and rigid regulations that could limit businesses’ ability to invest in innovative energy that help the environment while also increasing the number of Oregon jobs and supporting local economies.

Reasonable air quality regulations: We support fair and consistent environmental regulations that foster successful businesses and strong communities. For example, AOI is committed to helping the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Health Authority as they work to revise their air quality regulations. AOI, and its Air and Energy Co-chairs will represent the business community on the Cleaner Air Oregon Rules Advisory Committee. Cleaner Air Oregon is a response to the controversy over air toxic releases from Portland art glass manufacturers and other industrial sources.