Employment Practices

Mission. Protect the right of employers to lawfully manage their workplaces.


  • Support workplace laws and regulations that enable Oregon businesses to be competitive locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Support workplace policies that allow employers to manage their workplaces without unnecessary government intrusion or mandates.
  • Support workplace policies that give employers the maximum ability to promote the well-being of their employees, including flexible work hours, drug-free workplaces, and the ability to offer competitive wages and benefits.

OBI is the flagship business organization in Oregon with regard to employment law issues. OBI’s position on employment law issues are first determined by the employment practices policy committee and subsequently reviewed and approved by the OBI board of directors. The employment practices policy committee is the state’s largest, broadest, and most influential assembly of business owners, executives, HR managers and attorneys interested in employment law issues.  

The committee reviews, analyzes and takes positions on pending legislation and regulation. OBI representatives also meet with legislators and regulators (Workers’ Compensation Department, OR-OSHA, BOLI, etc.) to negotiate various employment law issues.