Energy and Environment

Mission. Advocate for policies that both protect business interests and advance environmental outcomes.

OBI’s Energy and Environment Committee is comprised of environment and energy policy experts from across the state and business sectors. The Committee meets semi-regularly and represents Oregon’s business community on important and timely environment and energy issues through policy development, engaging in the regulatory process, and fostering communication between representatives of government and business. 

In addition to a larger focus on energy and environment, OBI convenes two committees specific to air and water policies and rulemaking, and advocates for sound and effective policies at legislative and regulatory levels, and uniform and consistent application of regulatory and permitting protocols.


  • Support a robust, sustainable and competitive economy.
  • Enhance environmental quality for all Oregonians.
  • Ensure reliable, competitively priced energy from a diversified portfolio.
  • Foster innovations that integrate economic and environmental progress for both existing and emerging sectors.
  • Promote flexible, effective incentives over command and control regulatory mechanisms.
  • Build a sustainable Oregon by developing and protecting resources in ways that enhance the environment, economy and communities.