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OBI advocates on behalf of a strong and healthy business climate for Oregon. Our government affairs team represents more than 1,600 member businesses each year in Salem on policy issues that impact business and industry and the economic vitality of our state.

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OBI Policy Team

Education & Health Care Policies: Morgan Beltz

Employment & Retail Policies: Paloma Sparks

Environment, Energy & Transportation Policies: Sharla Moffett

Tax & Fiscal Policies: Scott Bruun


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OBI 2021 Legislative Priorities 


2021 Oregon Legislative Session

Start date: January 11, 2021

  • OBI is tracking approximately 100 tax bills so far for this Legislative Session. That number could double as more bills are introduced.  Many of these bills would, as written, have no significant or immediate impact. However, we track these bills closely because most of them have “relating to taxation” clauses, which means that they can be amended during the session and turned into just about anything that deals with taxation, including tax increases.

  • We are following several bills very closely as priorities. This includes HB 2839, which would “disconnect” Oregon’s tax code from the Federal tax code relating to tax-benefits within the Federal CARES Act. Passage of this bill would raise taxes and reduce part of the liquidity benefits that were created for businesses on a bipartisan basis by Congress with the CARES Act. OBI is strongly opposed to HB 2839.

  • Another bill that OBI is strongly opposed to is SB 139. This bill would effectively raise taxes for every Oregon business that operates as a partnership pass-through entity (for example, S-corps and partnership-LLCs). The bill would also eliminate all current pass-through rate benefits for a “SSTB” (Specified Service Trade or Business). SSTBs include professional services like medical offices, law firms, accounting firms, brokers and financial/investment service providers. Both SB 139 and HB 2839 are bills that would, if passed, make it more difficult for Oregon businesses to climb out of the hole caused by COVID-19.