Retail Council

OBI is the state affiliate for the National Retail Federation.


Mission. To promote policies and laws that maintain and advance a strong retail climate in Oregon that contributes to a robust, sustainable and competitive economy.


  • Encourage innovations that integrate economic and environmental progress and allow retailers to better meet customer needs.
  • Support the unique needs of retail employers and not create unmanageable mandates.
  • Support streamlining of supply chain logistics, especially around cost-effective transportation of goods.

The Industry. Retailers provide more Oregon jobs than any other industry sector, yet they often operate profits margins of 3 percent or less. Any additional cost, whether through taxation or regulation, has the potential of affecting retail employment, particularly for Oregon’s small, independent retailers. For many young adults, retail jobs provide the first insight into business basics, including marketing, inventory management, and sales. The Retail Council opposes policies that limit or restrict retailers’ flexibility or that would put an unfair financial burden on the industry

The Council. The Oregon Retail Council and its respective steering committee include retailers of all sizes, from local stores to multi-state companies, and meets regularly to share information, develop responses to regulatory proposals and draft retail-specific policies that would increase the opportunity for retailers to serve the needs of their customers and communities.

Current Priority Issues

  1. Data breach. 
  2. Drug take back.
  3. Product stewardship.
  4. Energy efficiency standards for appliances.