Partners & Affiliates

AOI Affiliates Working for Business 

AOI Prosperity PAC 

This is a top Oregon political action committee dedicated to supporting pro-business issues and legislative candidates that will change the political landscape in Oregon. 

Oregon Prosperity Project 

This program gives Oregon employers a tool to help workers understand that their interests are linked to the success of their employers. This powerful grassroots effort amplifies the business message carrying it to the local community and lawmakers. 

AOI Research & Education Foundation 

The AOI Foundation researches policy and state fiscal issues to drive programs that benefit business and the quality of life in Oregon. 

Young Entrepreneurs Business Week 

Introducing young people to the world of business success.


AOI is also the

Oregon Manufacturers Association - affiliated with the National Association of Manufacturers

Oregon Retail Council - affiliated with the National Retail Federation

Oregon Chamber of Commerce - working closely with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce