PERS-Lite Reform Bill Passes House, Heads to Governor

Published Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As AOI alerted the business community two weeks ago, the Legislature is poised to pass PERS reforms that will have the effect of ensuring the Legislature must deal again with PERS or face the prospect of increased teacher layoffs and shortened school years.

The Legislature completed work on SB 822 on Wednesday when the House approved it 33-27.

Although the reforms in SB 822 fall far short of the Governor's recommendations and what's needed to preclude more lost teachers, school days and diminished school budgets, the Governor is expected to sign the bill.

(See AOI's summary of SB 822 here.)

The practical effect of SB 822 is that the Legislature is going to have to either address PERS reform again this session to find more savings, or the problem will continue to worsen over the next two years, forcing the Legislature to deal with it all over again.

In the meantime, AOI continues to support the comprehensive PERS reforms contained in SB 754.

(See summary of SB 754 here.)