Why it's Great to Be On Your Guard When Looking for Good Employees

Published Thursday, November 14, 2013

The nonprofit American Jobs for America's Heroes campaign gives you free, direct access to highly trained National Guard members who are transitioning to civilian jobs.

"Hiring Guard members is a win for employers because they bring tremendous skills and teamwork values to the workplace - they're very results-oriented and creative in achieving their objectives," said Steve Nowlan, campaign director.

Employers benefit because the National Guard trains in 107 occupational specialties, making them among the most highly qualified employment candidates in America. Guard members are focused on continuous learning and improvement so they excel in advanced job training.

"The men and women in the Guard are trained to take on new challenges, organize their team effectively and get the job done. Hard work is no stranger," said Todd Young, campaign communication director. "Guard members are committed to continuous evaluation and self-improvement so they naturally fit into high-performance organizations."

In this campaign, your free job postings flow directly to National Guard employment counselors in the states who work one-on-one with Guard candidates to match them to your job requirements. These counselors help you understand how military training and experience translates to your civilian requirements.

You can watch a five-minute video about the campaign - and then visit the website to register online. A campaign counselor will contact you to set up your posting and answer questions. All services are free. More than 935 employers are already participating.

Learn about the success Total Quality Logistics, an Ohio-based company, has had in hiring Guard members by clicking here.

Questions? Contact: Steve Nowlan, Center for America, 201-513-0379.