2015 CTE-STEM Employer Coalition

Published Thursday, January 29, 2015

Employers across Oregon are struggling to find workers who are equipped with the technical skills necessary for high-wage, high-demand jobs. The CTE-STEM Employer Coalition is advocating to change that through its work in expanding Oregon's technical education goals and options.

In 2012, the Oregon STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Coalition focused on developing a strategy to double the number of Oregon students with proficiency in math and science by 2025. With a wide array of businesses, business groups, and educational institutions participating, the 2012 Coalition was able to help establish six stem hubs across the state, and continues to advocate for STEM education.

To accompany increased proficiency in the STEM areas, the Coalition is expanding in 2015 to incorporate CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs and plans. Career and Technical Education connects education to careers, giving students real-world job skills that employers are struggling to find. Together, the CTE-STEM Employer Coalition aims to bring a more knowledgeable, prepared, and experienced workforce to Oregon.

The Coalition needs input and help from businesses and organizations like yours. Please join AOI in participating in the Oregon CTE-STEM Employer Coalition by filling out this brief joining form.