Look into the Future at 2017 Leadership Summit

Published Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This year's Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit will be on December 4 at the Oregon Convention Center. The theme of the Summit will be "Is Oregon Future Ready?" Oregon's fiscal crisis will be at the center of that discussion. Breakout sessions will address other hot topics from across the state. 

Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) is an official co-host of this year's event in partnership with the Oregon Business Council and Portland Business Alliance. We encourage members to attend.

Oregon's fiscal structure remains unstable, with public pension costs increasing at a pace that revenues cannot possibly match. Even though Oregon's economy is growing faster than the rest of the nation's, our fiscal crisis means that classrooms remain crowded, high school graduation rates remain low, and too few students are prepared for college or a career. The future of Oregon depends on how and when we address this problem.

How technology will affect Oregonians also will be discussed at the Summit. Will advances in technology lead to better health and health care? How will virtual reality and automation affect work and life? What effect will autonomous vehicles have on traffic? Futurist Steve Brown will be the keynote speaker, sharing his outlook for how technology will change our lives.

Other agenda highlights include a discussion of the transportation package that passed during the 2017 Legislative session. This package will invest nearly $3 billion in our roads and bridges, public transit, safe routes to schools, electric vehicles and more. A breakout session will address the impact of wildfires across Oregon, which had a significant economic impact, and improving the management of our forests. 

Other breakout topics include:

  • Addressing Oregon's housing crisis
  • Preparing Oregonians for jobs that are going unfilled
  • Revisiting Oregon's healthcare strategy. Is it working and what are the next steps?

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