Employers Have Opportunities to Comment on Pay Equity Rules

Published Thursday, September 20, 2018

The comment period is open for rulemaking on HB 2005, the pay equity bill that was passed by the 2017 Legislature and goes into effect January 1, 2019. The Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) began accepting comments August 28 and this week extended the comment period until October 12.

Rules currently proposed contain significant changes from the previous draft, and several of these changes address concerns that were raised by Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) and other employer representatives. These changes clarify issues such as how one-time buyouts are handled and how benefits are calculated as part of compensation. To see a copy of the current proposal, click here

OBI and our partners continue to push BOLI to make changes to the rules. Included in the list of changes is how compensation comparisons are made when employees are incentivized for commuting or traveling long distances – for example, Portland-area construction workers who work on projects elsewhere in the state but do not move. Language about when prior compensation can be discussed also still needs clarification.

Employers can submit written testimony, or they can comment at a public hearing September 28 at BOLI’s Portland office. For more information on the hearing and how to file written comments, click here. You can contact OBI Government Affairs Director and Counsel Paloma Sparks at palomasparks@oregonbusinessindustry.com for more information.