Call to Action - Hearing on Paid Family & Medical Leave Bills on March 25

Published Thursday, March 21, 2019

Legislators need to hear from Oregon Business & Industry members about how an inflated family leave proposal could hurt Oregon’s economy, businesses and workers. HB 3031 threatens to require businesses with as little as a single employee to provide paid leave up to 32 weeks.

The House Business and Labor Committee and Senate Workforce Committee will hold a joint public hearing on paid family and medical leave proposals on Monday, March 25. The committees will accept public testimony at 6 p.m in Hearing Room F at the Oregon State Capitol building. We expect proponents will pack the room, but the committee needs to hear from employers, too. If you can, please try to attend.

Written comments can also be submitted at You can connect to legislators through the OBI website by clicking here for senators and here for representatives. For more information and talking points, click here.

HB 3031 puts too much burden on Oregon businesses. That burden, on businesses large and small, could affect employers’ ability to hire and keep the very workers the bill is aimed to benefit. Please join OBI in voicing our opposition to this bill.

HB 3031: 

  • Applies to businesses large and small (any with more than one employee)
  • Mandates 32 weeks of paid and protected family and medical leave
  • Establishes state-run family and medical leave program and insurance fund
  • Requires both employers and employees to contribute to fund, regardless of existing benefits
  • Expands the definition of “family”