OBI Media Advisory: Letter to Gov. Kate Brown

Published Sunday, March 22, 2020

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Click here to view a letter from more than 30 Oregon business associations to Gov. Kate Brown. The letter was sent via email on Sunday, March 22. We have also included the federal guidance for critical infrastructure, as well as suggestions for additions to that guidance that reflect the characteristics of Oregon’s economy.

“Oregon business appreciates that Gov. Brown has stepped forward to take bold actions to address the coronavirus threat,” said Sandra McDonough, president & CEO of Oregon Business & Industry. “We are urging the governor to set a single, statewide framework for how this health crisis will be addressed to provide clarity for Oregonians.”

The business organizations asked Gov. Brown to identify what business functions will be considered “essential” to continue operation in the weeks ahead. They noted that many states have adopted the federal Department of Homeland Security guidance, with additions that address their local economies. The organizations urged Brown to take a similar approach.

“Protecting the health of all Oregonians must be our top priority,” McDonough said. “We also must enable as many people as possible to continue working so Oregonians have access to critical services, and so we limit the adverse impacts of this crisis to family incomes across Oregon. We also need to ensure jobs survive this crisis.”

Many employers have already implemented remote work strategies. When essential employees can’t work remotely, employers are implementing social distancing practices to ensure workplace safety, as the Governor has asked.