Federal Stimulus

Published Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Today the U.S. Senate will consider a compromise $2 trillion stimulus package to aid coronavirus response across the nation, called the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Here is a brief list of the proposed legislation’s key points:

  • Rush direct checks to middle class and lower income Americans, likely about $1,200 per adult
  • Extend unemployment insurance to allow four months of full pay
  • Raise maximum unemployment insurance benefit by $600
  • Includes traditional workers and those in the gig economy
  • More than $150 billion for the healthcare system
  • $150 billion to state and local governments
  • $350 billion for small businesses loans

These actions are needed to keep the national economy going and will impact the lives of Oregonians and fate of Oregon businesses. Hopefully this will bring some stability in this very insecure crisis we are all facing.

Our partners at Innova Legal Advisors have outlined specifically how the bill affects temporary expansions of the FMLA and temporary emergency paid sick leave. Click here to read the full column with more detailed information.