SAIF Establishes $10 Million COVID-19 Worker Fund

Published Friday, March 27, 2020

SAIF has approved a $10 million fund to support employee safety, reduce injuries, and decrease exposure during the coronavirus pandemic. Many OBI members are SAIF policyholders through our CompSAFE program

SAIF is working quickly to set up an application form on and will notify policy holders as soon as it becomes available. Until then, you can contact SAIF at

The fund will help policyholders pay for expenses tied to making workplaces safer against the virus and dealing with the impact of the pandemic on workers. This includes worksite cleaning and disinfection supplies; resources to reopen businesses safely after a COVID-19-related closure; resources to redesign or modify workspaces to encourage social distancing; and mental health and wellness initiatives. 

“We know businesses and workers across Oregon are in dire need of support through this pandemic,” SAIF said in an email this week. “We expect this fund will be well used, and we hope the activities it supports will help Oregon businesses restore some of what they have lost during this difficult time.”