Published Monday, March 30, 2020

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health has issued information in their frequently asked questions about workplace requirements, click here to read more.  

OSHA has deployed 75 inspectors to address issues related to implementation of the governor’s social distancing orders. Regarding the specific question about whether social distancing issues will lead to business closures OSHA said: 

“Oregon OSHA will close a business only in the event of a flagrant refusal to comply. Such an order should not be issued without approval from the Administrator (Michael Wood), the Deputy Administrator (Julie Love), or the Oregon OSHA Policy Manager (Renee Stapleton). If we do so, we will be relying on the red warning notice authority found in the Oregon Safe Employment Act.​” 

OBI and partners continue to seek clarification about several aspects of this issue, including the expectation around social distancing since the Oregon Health Authority has not issued guidance.